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Sparkle® Paper Towels, 18 Pick-A-Size Plus Rolls = 37 Regular Rolls, 116 2-Ply Sheets Per Roll

  • Sparkle Paper Towels with Thirst Pockets are just the thing for an affordable, effective clean
  • Each Pick-A-Size Plus roll has 116 2-ply sheets and is equal to more than 2 regular rolls.
  • With Pick-A-Size Plus sheets, you get a wider sheet vs our regular Pick-A-Size sheet.
  • Great for kitchen & household clean-up, with even more uses for food prep, DIY, outdoors & more.
  • Includes 18 rolls (6 packs with 3 rolls each)
Clean any size mess with Sparkle Pick A Size Plus paper towels—NOW with wider Pick A Size sheets Sparkle Pick A Size Plus paper towels deliver a little something extra without breaking the bank. Sparkle Paper Towels in Modern White are 2 ply paper towels with Thirst Pockets – specifically designed to be strong and absorbent. Sparkle Paper Towels Modern White have Pick A Size paper towel sheets to clean any mess big or small. This pack of Sparkle Paper Towels Modern White includes 18 rolls of 2 ply Pick A Size Plus Modern White paper towels that are equivalent to 37 regular rolls. They work perfectly to clean everyday messes and brighten up your home whether in the kitchen, garage, or bathroom. Sparkle Paper Towels Modern White offer all you need to shine at an affordable price and are the perfect towels for clean up all over the house. From the kitchen to the bathroom, on a paper towel holder, or on the countertop, you’ll absorb moisture and leave counters and mirrors streak free—for a house that shines every time On top of all of that, Sparkle Paper Towels Modern White are a big help for food preparation and cooking, to clean glass, kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, appliances, make up brushes, or keep in your car for any on the go emergency occasion. And so, we ask: Why pay more for everyday little messes.