Large Washable Laundry Bag

Coarse net 30CMx40CM
Coarse net 23CMx30CM
Fine net 60CMx60CM
Fine net 50CMx60CM
Coarse net 60CMx60CM
Coarse net 50CMx60CM
Coarse net 40CMx50CM
Fine net 40CMx50CM
Fine net 30CMx40CM
Fine net 23CMx30CM


Polyester washable bag pen underwear bag pen laundry bag mesh for bras laundry bags for lingerie you and your clothes will like the high quality silk mesh, which can protect your best clothes. It is the best choice to protect delicate clothes and extend the life of underwear, socks, underwear and other products durable, breathable, healthy and clean polyester fiber material. These laundry mesh bag work perfectly every time they protect your clothes and keep them new. It can also be used in the dryer. Automatic locking function, so the zipper will not open during washing and drying. Zippered cover provides extra protection and won't rust. Zipper and protects clothes when washing and drying.


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