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100% Compostable Non Plastic Knives [100 Pack] CPLA Disposable Knives. Non Plastic Silverware Set. Eco-Friendly Cutlery, Off White Flatware, Extra Sturdy Utensils, by Earth's Natural Alternative

  • SIZE: Knives: 6.75 Inch (17.1 cm), 100 count, extra sturdy
  • MATERIALS: 100% compostable disposable non plastic knives. Earth Natural's premium compostable non plastic silverware set is made from CPLA (Crystallized Poly Lactic Acid), a heat resistant environmentally-friendly alternative to plastics, made from quick-growing, sustainable, and renewable vegetable starch such as corn starch. All Earths Natural Alternative cutlery set are BPI Certified compostable, meet ASTM D6400, D6868 standards. Recommend to compost at municipal and industrial composting facilities; not recommended for home compost.
  • FEATURES: ENA heavy-duty disposable flatware set contains NO polyethylene. They are water-resistant, oil-resistant, heat-resistant, unbleached, durable, non-toxic, BPA-free, and plastic-free. *Storage Tips: Avoid direct sunlight and moisture environment; store in a cool and dry place. Heat resistant up to 185°F. Microwave-safe only with food.
  • OCCASIONS: Earth's Natural unbleached and dye-free flatware sets are made from plant starch in off-white color. They are packaged in recyclable boxes for easier storage and usage. Earth's Natural Alternative's non plastic cutlery is extra sturdy and heat resistant. Perfect for daily meal, wedding, birthday party, picnic, camping, BBQ, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, baby shower, bridal shower, or elegant theme gatherings. They are perfect for special events, food service occasions, catering, restaurants, food trucks, and to-go orders.
  • PLASTIC CUTLERY Vs. EARTH'S NATURAL ALTERNATIVE'S CUTLERY: Compared to plastic cutlery, our eco-friendly products are comparable in size and sturdiness but reduce carbon footprint, reduce single-use plastic silverware, decrease waste in landfills, reduce harmful residue in the environment. Promote a zero-waste lifestyle, and save our planet. With our compostable flatware, you can now use the disposable product for your daily life without guilt. Better for you, better for the earth.
Earth's Natural Alternative 100 count disposable knife set are perfect for any occasion for your family and friends Take them with you on a perfect picnic set them out for a party take them with you on a trip use them any day! these disposable knifes are strong enough to last through your entire meal service and still feel like new! the sturdy smooth construction helps prevent bending breaking or snapping even when the utensil is used with heavy foods This cutlery provides a comfortable dining experience for your party guests or customers These cutlery pieces are 100% biodegradable made from PLA The natural Print material is easy to clean and compostable Besides being recyclable Study and versatile these disposable knives are very affordable Unlike some disposable products which make it difficult to "go Green" while keeping costs down our biodegradable cutlery are priced comparably to high-end disposable plastic utensils At this price you can't afford not to go Green! Product measurements length of knife 6 7" width of knife 0 71" weight of knife 0 011lb