Portable Tattoo Mole Removal Pen



This Mole Removal Pen Powerful and rapid energy break up dark pigment directly Great effect to remove facial freckles, dark spots, mole, blackhead, black pigment, and body tattoo. Without any damage to skin tissue. Hardly produce light and heat effect. Wide customer application range, more durable and safe.
Package Included:
1 x Spots Removal Pen
1 x USB Cable
1 x Small Needle Head  
1 x Flat Round Head
1 x Striated Round Head
1 x English Manual
3 x Big Needles
10 x Fine Needles
In addition to the spot:
Including the contact spot location moves back and forth slightly, can be clearly found melanin cupping and zoom black fall off,
if precipitation shallow spots, the area is lesser, can a removal; if a larger area of pigmentation is deeper, it must be 2or 3 times to deal
with more appropriate, should also pay attention to the hairdresser when using electric acupuncture treatment,in addition to
keeping customers cause burns, shades, influence wound healing, leave scar phenomenon.
Dot mole:
When dot mole, pay special attention to distinguish the mole extent, some mole grows on the skin surface layer,
and root growth of moles, deep subcutaneous tissue, including using the needle at a time when the end of the cut
the surface of moles,the best way to burn in small squares. If growth relatively deep mole besides should avoid inflammation
after processed, had better be in 2 to 3days before the wound healing nourishing cream coated with small living cells,
can prevent skin concave hole, when wiping nutrition frost, should pay attention to the wound with inflammation of the
situation, if is not to wipe.
In addition to tattoo and tattoo:
1. Generally burn tattoos and tattoo, its area is larger, appropriate uses a large needle, the method of burning tattoo,
roughly the same as the scanning spot, operating time may be slightly longer, the area is too large(more than 3cm)
should deal with many times, never one time.
2. Otherwise, accidentally bacteria infection, the consequence is unimaginable, beautician and customer should be especially
careful ,if you have severe inflammation of the situation,as soon as possible to the hospital for treatment.
1. Don't tear off the scab by yourself. 
2. Let the scab fall off in a nature way to avoid infections or leaving scabs.
3.  When itchy scab at the time( meat tenderizer enlarger), please do not use the device in addition, after treatment 20-30 days,
the scab off on their own.
4. The recovery period is 3-6 months, please do not eat ginger (after restoring skin is not so flat), beef (will faint red),
sauce ( there will be a touch if black ) during the recovery period.
5. Consult your doctor or professional use and must be used under the guidance of professionals.
1. The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such
    as brightness of your monitor and light brightness.
2. Please allow slight deviation for the measurement data.
3. Please allow 1-3cm error.