Blackhead Artifact

Rose gold


  1. Function: blackhead, beauty cleansing, pore cleansing
  2. Working mode: ultrasonic vibration
  3. Product Name: Microcrystalline permeable blackhead meter
  4. The product contains: main machine, 4 tips, 1 manual, sealing ring, cleaning cotton
  5. Power mode: 2 sections * 1.5V dry battery
  6. Product material: ABS body PP tip
  7. Cleaning method: Clean cotton or paper towel to erase. This machine is not washable. Do not introduce liquid into the machine to cause damage.


  1. Before use: Be sure to ensure that the pores are completely opened after the hot bath or sweating, keeping the face moist.
  2. Use: slowly move the product back and forth on the skin, do not stay in the same place for too long, so as not to damage the skin. It can absorb oil, whiteheads, acne and lighter blackheads. If the blackhead is deeper, it is best to use it with the blackhead derivation solution! It doesn't matter if you can't suck it at once. Don't use it for too long. Use it for a while, for a week or two, the darker blackhead will come out, and it won't leave scars.
  3. After use, you can use some toner to tighten the water or cold water to shrink the pores and then do the follow-up maintenance. It is recommended to look at the manual again.