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Relentless Drive Car Duster Interior Mini – Microfiber Car Detail Dash Duster, Lint and Scratch Free Interior Car Duster for Dashboard, Professional Interior Detailing Brush for Car, Truck, SUV & RV

  • CAR INTERIOR DUST REMOVER- No more dusty dashboard, driving in traffic is bad enough. You shouldn’t also have to worry about how dirty your car dashboard looks on the way to pick up a date! Grab one of our dusters out of your glovebox and wipe it clean!
  • PERFECTLY SIZED CAR INTERIOR BRUSH - The main problem with some car detail brush is that they are too big to be used in many places. Our mini car dust cleaner with 10” dusting head is big enough to get your dash dust-free quickly but small enough to leave in your glove box. The perfect size for almost any place that needs dusting!
  • SAVE TIME AND SHINE WITH OUR DETAILING DUSTER- You won’t have to worry about a bucket full of interior car wash supplies to clean the dash. This small car duster can replace all the sprays, wipes, and napkins all in just 10”. No more car wipes to dry up!
  • DASH CARE, THE BEST CAR DASHBOARD CLEANER ON AMAZON - Great for interior car detail or exterior use! Automobile, Motorcycle, RV or Home! The electrostatic microfiber chenille makes sure dust doesn't get left behind no matter where you are!
  • 90 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – If for some reason you are not satisfied with our brush car interior, we will return your money with no questions asked.
Save time and money with the Relentless Drive Ultimate Dash Duster! -This dashboard duster is perfectly sized at 10 in! It's big enough to get into your dash and get all the crevices dust-free while small enough to leave in your glove box and carry wherever you are. - Think about the last time you were on the way to pick up a date and noticed how dirty your dashboard was. Next time, you can park and pull out your dash duster to make sure that your car looks as great as it can. However, this microfiber and lint free duster are great for more than just the vehicle. You can store this in your home, in an RV, on a motorcycle, or a sailboat! Anywhere that needs dusting this is the perfect tool. It’s even the perfect gift for a car lover! - No cheap plastic or wood handle to break off! - Unbreakable steel handle extends to help you get to the hard to reach areas, up to 28 1/2 inches! - Electrostatic microfiber chenille makes sure dust doesn't get left behind! - Use it on your Car, Truck, Motorcycle, SUV, RV or Boat! - As the best car duster on Amazon, we pride ourselves in being the Ultimate Auto accessory! See why this duster is one of the top-rated car dusters available and buy it today! We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we believe in making sure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. If you're not, contact us, and we'll repurchase it.