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GÜTEWERK DUSTR - up to 55 in - extendable Feather Duster Telescopic Retractable Pole Handle Magic electrostatic Microfiber Bendable Head telescoping Fan Wall Washable dusters for Cleaning

  • OUTSTANDING DUST ABSORPTION - Dense synthetic microfibre electrostatically picks up and traps dust easily. Thanks to the sturdy but lightweight flexible design cleaning becomes more efficient than ever.
  • CLEANING HARD-TO-REACH PLACES - The built-in long extendable handle helps you to reach spots such as walls, ceiling, chandelier, desk, fans blade, tall staircases or large furniture and remove cobwebs or dust.
  • REMOVING DUST IN TIGHT SPOTS - The flexible slim core of the fluffy extending duster head can handled bent in all directions. This helps reaching tightest places like spaces below cabinets or between radiators.
  • REUSABLE AND ENVIRONMENTAL-FRIENDLY - When dirty, take the duster out and shake the dust off. In case of heavy dirt, wash with warm water and neutral detergent and air dry the duster.
  • REDUCES WASTE AND SAVES MONEY - Optionally available replacement heads can be changed in no time. This allows for longer cleaner cleaning and dusting but also reduces waste and saves money!